Vera Moore

Belinda Hannell


I’ve been coming to Claire’s Zumba class since August 2010. I feel so much fitter and better in myself. It’s like a party from start to finish and I’ve gone down 2 dress sizes! I love Claire’s Zumba classes so much that I now do an extra 3 classes per week including a Zumba Toning session. It does what it says on the tin plus Claire is a great teacher!”

Hana Ahmed

Lynwen Orchard

"I had to get back into shape after having 3 children, OK, nothing new about that ! We all know the feeling and we try all the diets...lose weight, put weight back on, repeat and fade. So it was tme to think outside the box! I started seeing my body as a unit that had to be in step with my emotions and vice versa. It's about control, controlling what you put into your body and of course how you use it! I tried a few different exercise routines but thats what they became, 'routine'...DULL! And then BAM, ZUMBA!! Not just any Zumba though, Zumba with Claire, and there was the key - someone who understood the importance of people's emotional, nutritional and exercise needs and desires!

Goodbye 10 kilos and hello 3 nights a week of solid intoxicating FUN! Claire monitored everything I ate, every move I made and every kilo I lost. No hiding from myself or from Claire....just honesty, hardwork and damn good fun!! Claire's Zumba helped me find the balance I was looking for. With vibrant music, brilliant dancing and Claire's support never ending, there are never any harsh words or sarcasm even when I'm useless at something! So now 3 times a week I dance with my 55kg body and a very contented soul....I'm addicted to Claire's Zumba!!"

"First Time I have exercised and smiled at the same time. Gives me a spring in my step all week! Nervous to start as I haven't got the body of Elle McPhearson, but straight away I was in the swing of it enjoying and getting fit!"

​"I've never been a fan of the gym but I really wanted to get fit and be active. Zumba is the perfect solution for me and I love it! Claire is an excellent Instructor, full of energy and really gets you pumped in a class. The classes are all really convenient so I can go to which ever one suites me during the week. I look forward to going every time!"

   Jo Shenton-Parker

"When I discovered Zumba, I liked it immediately! I'd been to various classes around North London and even in the West End, but then I went to one of Claire's classes and WOW what a difference! I need never go to the gym again! Claire is so motivational, you just can't wait to go to the next class, unlike the gym dreading the thought  of going. Even the Winter evenings, dark wet and cold,  don't dampen my enthusiasm to get to that Zumba class. Thanks to Claire I just love Zumba and exercise. I've also been attending her 'Hardcore Hopper' classes in the local woods and oh boy is that hard work! But again Claire is there pushing us on and actually making it enjoyable. I can't wait for the next class tomorrow. A million thanks  Claire for changing my exercise hating life!"