Personal Trainer, weight training, zumba, fitness, weight loss, build muscle, body sculpting, body transformation, muswell hill, highgate, golders green, nutrition, diet, fat loss, kettlebell, TRX
Personal Trainer, Highgate, Muswell Hill, Weight training, fitness, zumba, weight loss, build muscle, nutrition, fat loss, fitness, diet, kettlebell, TRX
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The path to improving your health and fitness can often seem difficult and somewhat daunting. Millions of people join a gym every year with the best intentions of working out regularly to achieve greater health and to feel better within themselves. However, research suggests that 60% of gym memberships go unused after the initial couple of months of joining. That's an unbelievable £37 million being wasted every year by people in Britain!

The main problem most people face is boredom. Seeing people on CV machines reading a book is an all too familiar sight. Books should be reserved for tube journeys, not the gym! Boredom leads to lack of motivation and lack of motivation leads to your hard earned cash being wasted every month. Initial goals of feeling better and healthier result in feelings of guilt and disappointment. Why torture yourself?!

Fitness is supposed to be fun, hardwork admittedly, but the sense of achievement after the hardwork should be exhilarating! Seeing and feeling the results is a reward like no other.

Claire will help you find your motivation again developing workouts that you're actually going to enjoy - reading a book will be the last thing on your mind! As a Mobile Personal Trainer, she can travel to your home or place of work, or even take you into the great outdoors holding training sessions in your local park or woods, whichever is most convenient for you, thus eliminating any travelling excuses. Areas covered include Highgate and Muswell Hill North London & surrounding areas. Claire also holds training sessions in a Strength Studio in Muswell Hill and at Europes largest Hammer Strength facility, Monster Gymnasium, based in Cheshunt.

Combining the workouts with a healthy nutrition plan, you'll be amazed at the results you can achieve, so whether you're a total beginner or an avid fitness fanatic that needs an extra push to achieve your goals, Claire can provide you with the motivation and direction needed for your success.

Just remember, the will must be stronger than the skill!