Much is made of the mind body connection as if they are separate entities yet the truth is that one cannot survive without the other. Each relay huge amounts of information back and forth and each influence the other. For example, the temperature of your skin can change your mood and your mood can change the temperature of your skin.


Starting a fitness regime starts with with the mind. A thought. The desire to lose weight, to become toned, to become fit. Maintaining this means keep those thoughts strong. Staying motivated. Staying focused. Visualising the fruits of training. Harnessing the power of the mind is the secret all successful athletes employ and now YOU can do do the same.


Using powerful Neuro Lingusitic Programming techniques YOU can unlock your hidden potential and stay focused, stay on track and stay motivated.


Matt Jacobs MSc has helped olympic athletes, marathon runners and martial artists reach their highest potential using these techniques and is now available to help you do the same.






  • 12 weeks

  • Consultation and fitness assessment

  • Individually tailored Training Programme

  • Personal Training sessions twice per week

  • Individually tailored Nutrition Programme

  • Natural Organic supplements

  • 3 NLP sessions



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Matt Jacobs MSc